That is strange, so now securing our open borders, believing in traditional marriage, and being…
De'Pussy Galore

“ Is it any wonder why president Trump WON by a landslide.”

Yes, ranking 46th is such a “landslide”. He won, but to call it a landslide is not accurate by any reasonable definition. If your “Moral Compass” allows to lie like this, it is not much of a Compass, or very moral.

“ And perhaps maybe that is something that you should start believing in, Trump WON! Time for you to move on with your pathetic life!”

It seems that the Liberals are ‘moving on’ just like the Conservatives did when Frmr President Obama won.

Of course, given you crass alias, and outright lie about the landslide victory, why anyone would consider anything else you had to say relevant would be a mystery.

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