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Louis Weeks,

Your Posted Comments are always amusing. You really should become a Short Story Fiction Writer, you have a knack for it.

You Posted “We just had another Jihadist attack involving a vehicle used as a weapon as well as a knife used to attack “Infidels”.”

Which True, an act committed by Abdul Razak Ali Artan at Ohio State University on November 28, 2016 at 9:52 a.m. EST.

You Posted “The Jihadist was on social media praising a radical Muslim Cleric who supports terrorist attacks.”

Yes, he posted just minutes before he attacked. It was his only Post praising anyone Radical.

You Posted “This Muslim immigrant was open and public about his support of Jihadist beliefs so there is no way the general Muslim community around him did not know, so why did they not take steps to protect innocent Americans from this radical Islam supporter?”

Yes he was so open just a couple of minutes before the attack, the entire community must have know immediately, and just failed to use their secret muslim time machine to go back in time and warn authorities. Are you capable of NOT distorting to the point of lying? Probably not. Too bad his neighbor said he “ was a nice guy who smiled a lot”, and no one had heard any radical jihadist spoutings from him. He posted ONCE, and that was immediately before the attack. Of course, that does not fit your narrative so you are ignoring it and changing the story to fit your narrative.

You Posted “Infidels (everyone who is not a Muslim) can’t change this culture in the Muslim faith, only fellow Muslims can directly apply pressure in their own circles to end these kinds of behaviors.”

Infidel means unbeliever, which applies to Pagans and Atheist. In Islamic theology, Christians and Jews are known as ′Ahl al-Kitāb, People of the Book. If you do not even have a basic understanding of another Religion you cannot determine a valid opinion about how they need to change their Religious Beliefs.

You Posted “We need Muslims in every neighborhood and every Mosque proclaiming these terrorist behaviors and terrorist support as wrong. Not only that but they need to shun anyone who shows any support for these radicals calling for violence.”

This is extremely hypocritical coming from you. Since you claim that when a Conservative says they disavow White Nationalist, that is good enough. They don’t have to say it again, nor change who they talk to. And yet your logic here says that they should have to keep saying again and again and again, they should shun anyone who supports or is sympathetic to the White Nationalist. There’s also the little issue that I see Americans of the Muslim Faith constantly saying that extremist behavior is wrong. Again, it doesn’t fit your narrative, so hence a context change.

You Posted “Until we have 100% support from the general Muslim community, none of this will ever stop.”

Of course you demand 100%, since a Majority undercuts your narrative. If we had 100% on Crime from EVERYONE in the US we would have no crime. Since that is never going to be, this little tidbit is your way of being able to continue your little crusade, and never having to acknowledge anything Positive that is done, or that is said. You can keep harping on Muslims since they are not 100% in line with your beliefs. There is also the little issue that the case you pointed out, with Abdul Razak Ali Artan hurts your opinion. He was living in fear, fear of praying publicly. When a person lives in constant fear they act out, usually violently. So keep harping you snake oil, it will only create more fear and anguish, which will result in more people lashing out.

You Posted “And no, just releasing a comment “after” a Jihadist attack is not good enough, they are either working every day to end the violence before it happens or they are part of the problem.”

Since you have clearly stated that it is a Community Issue, and that if they are not working on it day and night they are part of the problem, shall we look at where YOU Live? The City you have in the past “claimed” to live in, has a crime rate that is 180% higher than the Florida average and is 220% higher than the national average. What’s wrong with your community? Looking at violent crime specifically for your little “community”, it has a violent crime rate that is 254% higher than the Florida average and 339% higher than the national average. Given that high crime rate, you are obviously not working very hard to stop it, and thus in your own words are clearly part of the problem. You should fix your own glass house before you throw stones at someones elses house.

You Posted “Now, as far as the temporary ban from those with ties to terrorist friendly nations entering America until we can figure out where we have messed up in our vetting process, that is just a logical and reasonable need america has to protect citizens. America has no obligation to preserve the feelings of prospective immigrants or visitors to America, they are not citizens and have no rights under the Constitution until they actually reach America, as long as they are on foreign soil it is up to them to prove to America that they mean no harm to America and it’s citizens.”

Unless you are advocating a Ban on ALL travel to the US, then this would have to be done based on Nationality and Religion. Which would be an Issue with our Laws.

You Posted “Immigrants who are already here and who have come from places supportive of terrorist beliefs should be put on a watch list for their entire lives, they are forever a security risk as long as Muslims are pushing Jihadist operations in the World. It is simply prudent to do so.”

So Immigrants have no Constitutional rights until they are on US soil, which is true, however, you are now claiming that after they are on US Soil, and become a US Citizen that is Prudent to Deny them some Constitutional Rights. Putting them on a Watch List so they cannot fly, they cannot travel freely, they cannot hold many jobs, and have their rights to privacy denied. Whether or not they actually did something. And you claim to say you support the Constitution and American Freedoms? Usually a person who does would not advocate for denying them.

You Posted “Consider that recently we have seen many failures in out Government’s ability to screen violent Muslims. Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, Ohio State University, all of these Jihadists were previously investigated and cleared by our Federal Government and declared “SAFE” just prior to their Jihadist attacks.”

San Bernardino, Rizwan Farook, born in Riverside, California. Became radical AFTER his Marriage. They were not investigated until AFTER their Attack. They were never declared “SAFE” by the Federal Government.

Orlando, Omar Mateen, born in New Hyde Park, New York. He was investigated twice for comments made to co workers during arguments. No evidence besides comments made during the argument were found. He was on a watch list for a while, no evidence turned up during that time, he was removed because it is illegal to continually surveil someone without just cause. He was never declared “SAFE” by the Federal Government.

Boston, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Born in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan. Former Soviet Country. The FBI investigated Tamerlan in 2011, however Russia declined to provide the information they had, the FBI was left with nothing and closed the case. The US was holding his Citizenship application due to concerns and was attempting to get information again from Russia, Russia had not proved it by the time of the attack. Dzhokhar was not under investigation, he had joined his older brother. They were never declared “SAFE” by the Federal Government.

Ohio State, Abdul Razak Ali Artan. Born in Somalia. He was never under investigation. He was sociable and friendly until only one week before the attack, after he had lived for weeks in fear. He only posted his Radical Statement a few minutes before he attacked. He was never declared “SAFE” by the Federal Government.

If this is your justification for constant surveillance because it is prudent, then it would also be prudent to do the same for every person in the country. Those of us with Firearms would be under stricter scrutiny, and people in high crime areas such as yours would also be under higher scrutiny. Or perhaps we should just acknowledge what the Constitution and the Law says, and people who commit a crime, or there is sufficient evidence a crime will be committed be watched to avoid becoming a Totalitarian Nation with no Freedom at all.

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