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Mr Doe,

“ Good for them.”

You didn’t read their court filing did you?

“ This is what you liberals don’t understand about any of these cases.”

Nope, you didn’t. I may not be a Liberal, but I did read their Filing. This shows that a recent NPR Article about Fake News is rather accurate concerning Republicans/Conservatives though.

“ These people are NOT discriminating against the LGBT community they are simply refusing to participate in an EVENT which opposes their views.”

Nope, they clearly state in their Filing what their Intent is. They want to create Evangelical and Propaganda Films against Same Sex Marriage and Homosexuality. They can do that now. The issue is they wish to use Information and Video from Couples, their Life, and their Weddings. They do not wish to look for people because then they would have to pay them, they also cannot just go to Weddings because they are closed events, and it would not give them information about the couple. Their Clearly Stated Intent is to have Couples Hire them, this way they get paid for the footage they want, plus it will pay for the Movies they wish to make. They clearly STATE that they wish to use the Couples that Hire them. The Couples will sign the Standard Promotional Clause, which they intend to abuse. They feel that once that is signed the Couples have no say in the Wedding Story they wish to be paid for, and have no say or rights to the Movie they plan to make. It has NOTHING to do with any Event. They point out that they are not going to expand, and they are already so overbooked they turn people away constantly NOW for their Business. Just for fun they even State in their Filing that their Work for the Couple will be in their Vision not the Couples. Being Paid for Using their Employer’s Personal Lives to further their own Agenda at the literal expense of the Wedding Couple. Not very Christian, since they plan to obfuscate that in order to get their Footage and Personal Information. Your Argument does not apply to THIS Case. And you feel the Liberal’s don’t Understand? Laughable since you didn’t understand.

“ What would you say to a Jewish videographer asked to film a birthday party for Hitler?”

I would say this is a Fallacy, as it would never have occurred. Using an Impossibile Analogy does not prove anything.

“ Or a Muslim videographer asked to film a pork eating contest?”

If they were Hired to perform the Service then they would film it. They are not being asked to eat it.

“ If a baker, videographer, etc. refused to do something for a gay person as a customer THAT is discrimination.”

It is discrimination because they would be refusing to provide a service. Filming a Wedding is providing a Service, not participating in an Event. The staff at my Wedding was hired to perform various services. They were employed for that service only. How they FELT about my Wedding means nothing, they were not paid for their Feelings or Invited to Participate. They did not Participate. (With the exception of the Officiant, who was Paid to Participate.

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