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Mr Doe,

You keep using a specific word that you apparently do not understand the definition of. Let me help you.


adverb al·ways \ˈȯl-wēz, -wəz, -(ˌ)wāz also ˈȯ-\

  1. at all times
  2. forever

October 5th 2008, on Hannity’s America, “I’m a journalist who interviews people who I disagree with all the time, that give their opinion. Fox has all points of view.”-Sean Hannity

Claiming something that is demonstrably false is a Fact would be a…


noun false·hood \ˈfȯls-ˌhu̇d\

  1. an untrue statement : lie
  2. absence of truth or accuracy
  3. the practice of lying
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