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Mr Ed,

“ I already gave you three examples.”

Actually you painted all articles with a broad brush and never once gave Victoria an actual example to support your allegation.

“ How many do you need?”

She asked for one, you had not yet provided that.

“ Here’s the distortion in this story: “President-elect Donald Trump and his associates use their massive social media followings to disseminate fake news. A week ago, Trump…tweeted that he would have won the popular vote in the presidential election if “millions” of people had not illegally cast ballots.””

That is not innuendo, repetitious whining, or a doom-and-gloom predictions, which is what you claimed “ Everything” on this site was.

“ That’s not “fake news”; he doesn’t cite anything.”

No he did not. It originated with a conservative activist named Gregg (Or Greg) Phillips. Where it was picked up by Infowars. President Elect Trump has a habit of getting news from that Site. True the Vote jumped on the bandwagon, although they undercut what Mr Phillips had said. President Elect Trump flatly stated the Allegation in a tweet at that Point. His campaign defended it Publically. His spokesman Jason Miller cited a 4 year old study to prove it in this election. It is President Elect Trump citing Fake News and Opinion Pieces as Fact. Which he has a habit of doing.

“ That’s known as opinion.”

Saying ‘I think’ is an opinion. Stating it as a fact, and then having your Spokespeople defend it is no longer an opinion.

“ Even his running mate calls it such.”

After he stated that “ I don’t know that that is a false statement” which is the coward’s way of saying it’s false, but you have to prove it, I don’t have to justify what I say. A habit of President Elect Trump that is apparently rubbing off on Mr Pence.

“ It’s a tweet, God’s sake.”

Yes, and it is a statement made by the President Elect of the United States, and as such carries a little more weight than from an ordinary citizen. His words will have consequences, whether he tweets them, writes them, or speaks them. If the President of the United States makes an allegation it carries weight, not just his “opinion” Trump uses his Twitter Account to bypass having to explain or justify his statements, thus it is him stating his own news without the media, which he dislikes since they won’t bend down and kiss his arse. I highly doubt God has anything to do with this. The only ones invoking God and Trump are the White Nationalist with their “God-Emperor Trump” crap.

“ Were there millions of fraudulent voters? Who knows? Probably not.”

According to his Lawyers, “All available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud or mistake.”

“ Certainly he doesn’t buy into the notion that only four people out of hundreds of millions committed voter fraud.”

He does when its convenient to prove his point such as his lawsuit. Otherwise he uses this as a tool to promote himself, and as you described it “ designed to keep its emotionally delicate followers worked up into a fizz”.

“ Frankly, neither do I.”

What you believe is what you will perceive. Case in point, even though the evidence says that Millions did not vote illegally, you still left it as “probably not”. It is what it is. Unless evidence shows Millions Voted Illegally then it is a lie. Evidence shows it is not true, thus a lie. Even if you claim it is just an opinion, an opinion and statement that is untrue is still untrue. It is what it is.

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