The corporate media and the 1% Establishment don’t want the US helping Russia’s efforts to get rid…
Christopher S. Freeman

Mr. Freeman,

It is interesting you mention “optics”, especially in light of your acknowledgment that President Trump released information he did not have permission to release. Let’s look at the optics shall we?

  • The Primary sources of Intel in Syria are Britain, France, Israel and the best is Jordan, which is where this came from.
  • There is a Golden Rule, you do not share intelligence unless the source country gives permission.
  • Trump was bragging, eager to show how “Intelligent” and “Knowledgeable” he was, and in the process said things he shouldn’t.

This has nothing to do with the “Establishment”. It has to do with Foreign Intelligence Services, whom do not care about our “Establishment”. As of this post, there are FOUR Nations whom we depend on for Intelligence now considering how much they are willing to share with us, and another which is considering suspending ALL Intelligence Sharing. All because he showed the world he can’t keep his mouth shut, which is not just the Optic he created, but that he is unapologetically admitting via his twitter rants. Unless the “Establishment” you have such an obsession with provides Intelligence, then they are not relevant to the issues this is causing for the US. The issue is solely our President, who is a child in a 70 year old body, with an unhealthy need for praise and to prove how smart he is, spewed out Intelligence Information provided by a Foreign Nation that he did not have permission to share. Everything else in your post is just white noise and bears no relevance. The same issue you accuse the “Establishment” of.

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