As you have stated, it is not a trivial matter for the intelligence services involved, but again…
Christopher S. Freeman

Mr. Freeman,

I see you have gone from merely defending to actual justification. Not only of the giving out Intelligence Information President Trump did not have leave to give out, but also of Syrian President Assad, whom NONE of our Allies, anywhere, support due to his Criminal Actions against the populace of his own Nation. Russia is attempting to keep Assad in power. A little bit of conflict of Interest that you seem to grasp a little, even though you grossly misrepresent it with your claims.

Is Russia going to provide the US with Intelligence should our Allies stop sharing with us? I am not just speaking of the Middle East, I am also speaking of our other Allies around the World. Very Doubtful.

Is Russia going to look out for our Interest as an Ally and provide the support that our current Allies do? Very Doubtful.

President Trump defended his action as legal and within the purview of the US Presidency. That is technically true, it is both legal, and within the purview of the duties of the Office of the Presidency. That does not mean was good, even it was an accident as claimed.

The Trump Administration and you have defended this as a desire to work with Russia to tackle Daesh (ISIS). Which if it did not involve betraying the Intelligence trust of another Nation, then there would be no issue. Even though there would be differing goals concerning Assad it would be an argument for another day.

Since this did involve giving Intelligence Information given to the US in Confidence, with no permission to give it to another Nation, and specifically not to give it to Russia, THAT is a Problem. Not just with Israel. Not just with our other Allies in the Middle East. This is an issue that concerns ALL of our Allies around the World. If President Trump and his Administration are this careless, and willing to justify this, as you are doing, then why should ANY Nation share Information with us? That Golden Rule of Intelligence Sharing that you are so dismissive of exist for a reason. If Israel chooses not to share Information about an imminent attack on US Citizens because they cannot afford to lose their source are you going to be ok with that? Is Russia going to warn us of that attack that was discovered by a Nation that does not share with them?

This is also the problem with your Justification and Defense. If we go against our own Allies, especially the ones who live in the Middle East, then how can the US be trusted by any of the others? Two of the Nations that are considering reducing or eliminating Intelligence Sharing with the US are not in the Middle East, nor are they involved in the Syrian Conflict. Their Intelligence does benefit us in other Areas though.

Those are the issues that you cannot seem to grasp, or just really don’t care about. A working Relationship with Russia is one thing, betraying our Allies Confidence, and Goals of removing both Assad and Daesh (ISIS) to support Russia’s Goals of removing Daesh (ISIS) and Keeping Assad would be a problem for all of our Allies. How many Allies are you willing to lose for your “working relationship” with Russia?

If this is your mentality then you would have no issue betraying the confidence of a close long term friend and partially work against them just to work temporarily with an acquaintance who is also a contemporary rival.

Let’s be honest Mr. Freeman. Israel gave our Nation information to protect our Citizens in trust. We betrayed that trust, and our President and people such as you defend that Betrayal. So at this point it no longer matters if it was accidental because he is a braggart or not. If Israel learns of another attack plan and chooses not to share with our Nation because of this, that would be understandable, although this line of thought does endanger our fellow Citizens and our Nation’s Soldiers. It is also understandable if other Nations should choose to lessen or stop sharing Intelligence with us. Should that occur I trust you will be able to answer WHY Russia did not warn us. Because with this line of drivel you and our President has spewed means we sure as hell cannot blame our Allies for protecting themselves from us and not trusting us.

Don’t bother replying, I highly doubt you have the Intellectual Capacity, Reading Comprehension or Critical Thinking Skills necessary to understand the point I have repeatedly made or you are just patently unwilling and unable to consider anything but your own opinion. (for the record my 15 year old Autistic Son, 13 year old Daughter, and 11 year old son were able to comprehend what you have said and my point when I allowed them to read this conversation tonight. They could not understand how you could not see it.) Your reply would be more drivel about how I do not understand your point, even though I not only grasp it, but have pointed out the broader context that you patently are unable to see or grasp which undercuts the limited benefit you see by betraying our Allies Confidence. All coupled with repeating Information that I have already covered, contorted and spun to fit your narrow worldview mixed with a dash of conspiracy theory for flavor. If you actually have anything intelligent to add that is relevant, not just your own narrow opinion which HAS been addressed repeatedly, but to the broader context and Issue that both the Article and Myself have addressed, then I will read it on Monday, a nice weekend spent fishing at my Cabin is in order. If not, and it is in the same broken vein, then I shall not reply to it. Have a good weekend Mr. Freeman.

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