I gave you the oldest articles to show you that crime and murder in the Somali communities have…
Sammy Johns

Mr Johns, that was a mighty fine piece of smoking bulls**t you wrote there. Lets look at where you went wrong shall we?

  1. You gave those old article because after using your degree in Google Searches it is what came up. They fit your narrative, so you chose to use them even though current articles do not show the same issues that had occurred YEARS ago. You erred horribly by not having the knowledge that St Cloud is not the Twin Cities, nor are the Communities alike.
  2. You showed your ignorance and willingness to lie by claiming that I “ think that they are law abiding, good people.” Since in my first reply to you I had stated that both the residents of St Cloud and the Somali Community there “ are both A**H*les to everyone”. So unless you consider that to be a compliment, applying touchy feel good thinking to me on this subject was a mark of abject stupidity. You also missed the post I had made on the Article BEFORE yours, which was not very complimentary to the Somali Community, or St Cloud for that matter. A Lie due to willful ignorance is still a lie.
  3. You really over did it by trying to Claim that the Twin Cities, or St Cloud for that matter were a “ safe place to be”. Since that hasn’t fit the Twin Cities since the 1950’s- early 1960’s, and St Cloud has been a craphole for the last 20 years. Both BEFORE the Somali population moved here. It is also a MAJOR stretch to call the Prostitution ring with underage girls in St Cloud “Nice” or “Safe”.
  4. Your comment also does not fit St Cloud since there is not a “Gang” problem there, and never has been. That has been a problem of the Twin Cities since the 1980’s. Which is before the Somali population for the Twin Cities, and never happened in St Cloud. Which is the City under discussion.

Would you like to try again? Perhaps with current information? Maybe target the right City this time. I would probably also avoid telling me what I think since you have such an inability to research the right city, that I doubt you have the ability to know anything I think.

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