One your fraud drugs another.
Ivan Rudenko

Mr Rudenko,

You singled out CO2, in your OWN WORDS “ CO2 is no different from other gasses, cannot be singled out, except for propaganda purposes”. Your post is Propaganda to support your Agenda, according to YOUR Statements and Criteria.

“ You aren’t entitled, to update it with YOUR falsehood.”

You admitted your Theorem was simplified to the point of being False. It is not an update, that has already been established, proven, and you freely admitted that. This would be a Lie on Your Part.

“ I am not familiar, by which fantasy about ‘greenhouse’ you are fooled.”

You are the Idiot who has repeatedly lied and stated what I “believe” when you do not even understand that which you are saying. Since it is no longer possible to consider you do not know what a Greenhouse is this is a lie on your part. Also, only a Liar and a fraud would call a GREENHOUSE, which is a building designed for the protection of tender or out-of-season plants against excessive cold or heat, to be a Fantasy, since there are Thousands upon Thousands of them used around the world. They have been used since Roman Times.

“ Already, once I posted for you the Law of Thermal Dynamics, you managed to remember of the ‘topic’ only.”

Thermal Dynamics is not a Topic, it is an action or a descriptive term. Thermodynamics is a Topic, which I used and discussed 3 separate times, in three separate post before you even mentioned that Topic. This is a Lie on your part.

“ Here it is, use it to fix your illiteracy: ‘Heat is spreading in direction from higher temperature to lower’.”

I have never claimed a Greenhouse sent heat in the opposite Direction. This is a lie on your part, and the illiteracy is yours in that you lack the Reading Comprehension to understand what has been stated.

“ Why are you claiming your falsehood for CO2 only?”

You are the sole one Focusing on CO2, which is not relevant to a Greenhouse except for the required amount for Photosynthesis as I stated. This is a Lie on your part.

“ ALL materials are ‘trapping’/releasing photons in process of heat exchange.”

You stated that the Materials of a Greenhouse could not “trap” anything. Which was a Lie on your part, and you have finally admitted the truth in that ONE instance.

“ Get lost now, take some classes.”

I am not the one who has Reading Comprehension Issues, nor issues with the Definitions of Common Words, or does not Understand what a Greenhouse is. You Continually use the words “Greenhouse Effect”, and yet, you do not know WHAT a Greenhouse is, or HOW it Works. Second, when you post in a Public Forum Comment Section, it is a General Invitation to engage in a Conversation an/or Debate over the Topic, or a Portion of the Topic as I have done. Just because you have Failed to make your case, which is unsurprising given you Lie and Peddle Lies, has no relevance on whether it ends or not.

“ Or extend your illiteracy on all materials, all wavelengths.”

This is amusing, since you are the Moron who has REPEATEDLY Claimed you do not know what a “Greenhouse” is or how it works. If you do not understand what it is or how it works, how can you possibly understand how an Atmospheric Science Topic NAMED AFTER such a Common Device? YOU REPEATEDLY Stated that a GREENHOUSE does not Function as it has been PROVEN beyond contestation, to function. Educate YOURSELF Moron BEFORE you mouth off about topics and issues that you do not even understand in the slightest. I will start you on your way.

You may also want to work on your English, it is sub par at best. It does not excuse your willful ignorance or idiocy.

Lying does not help you Mr Rudenko, nor does it prove anything other than you are a Fraud, peddling Fraudulent Science and Propaganda for your Agenda. While doing your “Comprehensive Reading” you may wish to work on your Reading Comprehension. Which, unlike what you have previously attempted to claim, is NOT the same thing.

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