ANY ‘greenhouse’ process supposed to bring energy back onto surface.
Ivan Rudenko

Mr Rudenko,

“ ‘topic’ is MY post”

The conversation has been me discussion the application of your theorem “ ‘Trapped’ heat = ‘trapped’ light = darkness” as applied to an actual greenhouse, and you arguing that a Greenhouse does not work as it actually does, while also clearly demonstrating that you do not even know what a Greenhouse is. You cannot discuss a “Greenhouse Effect” if you do not even understand what a greenhouse actually IS.

You wish to talk about Carbon Dioxide, well the average amount of CO2 is 400 ppm, which is approximately 0.04% of the Atmosphere. In an actual Greenhouse without a source of CO2 introduced it is significantly reduced, down to 200 ppm, or 0.02% of the enclosed atmosphere in the Greenhouse. To increase Photosynthesis it is recommended that the CO2 be increased to 1000 ppm, or 0.1%. Unsurprisingly your numbers are as fraudulent as most of your post, since you keep claiming 0.00039% instead of the actual 0.04%. According to your numbers CO2 would be at 3.9 ppm instead of the 400 ppm average, which is 99.25% lower than what is Factual. No conclusion reached could be Mathematically Correct at that point.

Your Theorem is False when applied to an Actual Greenhouse. You do not know what an actual Greenhouse is or how it works. Your Math concerning CO2 is incorrect, thus all conclusions reached are False. You admitted that you oversimplify to the point of being False. You state that ‘CO2 cannot be singled out except for propaganda purposes’. You then proceed to single CO2 out, thus by your own admission it solely for propaganda purposes. Given this information you actually do not understand Atmospheric Science, your Agenda is to peddle some asinine conspiracy theory you discovered using your Degree for Google Searches but yet do not even understand. My mind is Disciplined, and if yours was as well you would have the ability to comprehend what has been discussed. You Failed, Class Dismissed.

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