What a crock of s.
Rick Soch

Mr. Soch,

“ What a crock of s. You are flat out lying about both the cost of Trumps travel and how much Obama spent in a year.”

  • The extremely Conservative Judicial Watch tracked all Cost of the Obama Family during their 8 years. It totaled $97 Million. So the article is pretty close to how much the Obama’s cost taxpayers.
  • A weekend Trip to Florida that Frmr President Obama took cost taxpayers about $2.8 Million. President Trumps trips will cost a little more given the Location of Mar-a-Lago.

“ What did you do factor in the cost of the US Navy in Florida and have Obama fly coach to Hawaii?”
You should have compared Florida to Florida. You also left out the Cost of Melania, since she is costing us EVERY DAY she chooses to remain in New York. That add’s up very quickly. Look at it objectively,

  • Trips to Mar-a-lago = At least $8.4 Million, most likely more.
  • Melania staying in New York = $4.5–6 Million.
  • Sons trips for Business = $300,000.
  • Frmr President Obama, $97,000,000 / 8 = $12,125,000 a year avg.
  • President Trump’s First Month = $13,200,000+

Before yelling about others lying, perhaps you should learn what the Truth and Facts are first.

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