If they don’t want to film perverts playing at getting “married”, then they shouldn’t be compelled…
Bill Tompkins

Mr Tompkins,

“ If they don’t want to film perverts playing at getting “married””

Well then they really should not live in St Cloud. I live 10 Minutes from there. The St Cloud area is about 190,000 people, about 29,000 Elderly, about 50,000 are Children so that leaves about 111,000 adults. There are 16,000 Adults Registered as BDSM Lifestyle if you know where to look, and there is a VERY Active Kink Scene in St Cloud. That would be about 15% of the Adults, whom you would also probably consider “perverts”.

Then there’s the issue that who exactly gave you the Authority to determine if Same Sex Couples are “perverts”? Or did you just take it upon yourself? There do happen to be Religions in MN that support all Marriage. There are surprisingly few in MN that support the particular brand that the Larsen’s support. Not many here hold the Belief that you can only be married once, and there are even fewer that believe that a husband is called to lovingly lead, protect and provide for his wife and family, and that the wife should joyfully and intelligently affirm and submit to her husband’s leadership.

“ then they shouldn’t be compelled to do so.”

They are not compelled at the moment since they are not in that business yet. They only want to enter that business in order to gain access to people's lives and weddings, get paid for that, and have their pet video project to attack Same Sex Marriage with Propaganda Movies paid for by their clients. Read their Filing, it states clearly that this is just a scam on their part, and honestly they just want a carve out for them, so they can further their Agenda. They clearly state that. If they choose to enter the Wedding Field, they can follow the Same Law everyone else does, and has for the last TWENTY YEARS. A Law that has held up in Court I would add.

Of course if you would like to start carving out broad exceptions for Religion, the Pagans have been chomping at the bit for Years to Have their Invocations Public in School, Dance Naked in Public etc etc. There is also the Temple of Set and the Thelemic Community. Carve out Religions to ignore laws, they’re chomping at the bit for that! Public Nudity, Public Fornication, Naked Weddings on the Floor’s of the Legislatures, the wish list is endless! Of course you’re probably just another whiner who see’s two men kissing and it makes you feel weird and a little aroused so of course you hate it, while going home to get off to two women going at it on your computer screen in a dark room. That is the common theme after all.

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