So I guess the best outcome for the taxpayers is to just let all the jobs go to Mexico.
Jill Gilber

Ms Gilber,

Since you missed the point let’s make this simpler.

800 Jobs are staying, 1300 jobs are leaving. For those who pay attention there are another 650+ jobs leaving for Mexico right now in the same area. So in Total 1950+ jobs are leaving. 1 out of 3 is not that great. Let’s use a simple analogy:

Let’s say our Manufacturing Industry is a Body. Due to Globalization which is a Natural Process with Capitalism, we have reached the point that we have taken a wound, we have severed a major artery and are bleeding out. In this instance we slapped a bandage on it and made it look pretty, which is 1/3 of what needs to be done. We are still bleeding out though. The Artery has not been repaired, nor has the wound been closed. It will just be a longer and more painful death.

We have two options, We can take the Extreme Socialist Route and keep patching the wound until it is patched, but lose the leg in the process. Or we could do it the right way and admit that these jobs are going to keep going and actually adapt, we could invest in education and get the jobs and create products that America excels at. Then we would have better employment, and things to export. Our nation did this back in the 30’s, we could do it again. We won’t as long as people keep thinking that 1 out of 3 is a good thing, or that it fixed something.