nice try aaron!
Linda Berry

Nice Try Linda!

“ obama spent $85 MILLION on vacations in 8 yrs. divide eight yrs into $85 MILLION =$10 plus MILLION per year.”

Your information is incomplete. The final tally was just shy of $97 Million. 97,000,000 / 8 = $12,125,000 a year.

“ i don’t believe it costs close to a million dollars to fly from the w.h. to florida and back. don’t buy it!”
The cost for Air Force one to fly to Florida and back to DC is $866,615.40. Those records were obtained from the Air Force by the Conservative Judicial Watch. What you believe has no relevance. The cost of the Security Detail and Staff is what boost this up to $2-$3 Million for each of his Weekends “Off”.

“ at least his accomodations are his and not having taxpayers paying for a fancy hotel.”

ALL Presidents pay for their own and their families’ lodging, food and incidentals while on vacation, this is why most stay at properties they personally own, as a guests of a wealthy friend, or at the official presidential retreat at Camp David. The cost of the vacations is the cost of the Security Detail as well as the required staff that are brought along.

“ the president is entitled to take weekends off and go home.”

The Office of the Presidency is not a M-F Job. All Presidents are entitled to some R&R, however, every time they leave it cost the Taxpayers for the Travel, Security, and Staff because a President can NEVER have “time off”. It is part of the Job.

“ no one would want to stay at the cold, sterile mansion they call the w.h.”
The White House comes with the Job. It is where the Staff and Security are located and always paid for. When a President Leaves it adds to that cost rather quickly. If a person does not want to Live in the White House they should not run to be President.

“ and if you notice, he also had working weekends.”

All Presidents have to do their Job regardless of where they are, and whether they are on Vacation or not. EVERY DAY is a Working Day. It just cost Taxpayers more when the President is not at the White House or Camp David.

“ always has someone there to do business with. so it’s not really a weekend to himself.”
You just really do not understand what the Duties of the President Are, and that they are never “off duty” do you?

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