NPR did a deep dive and found that many of these sites were run by Democrats.
Publius Americanus

Publius Americanus,

The NPR article was a fascinating story. It is where the Information I cited came from, and why I had linked the article in my post. The Article did not find that “ 90% of these sites were run by Democrats”. They interviewed one Democrat. They did not address any website other than his. I cannot locate a single source claiming that 90% are run by Democrats.

  • You claimed that NPR did a deep dive on Fake News Sites this was true.
  • You claimed that NPR found that 90% of the Fake News Websites were run by Democrats. This is a Lie.
  • You did not address the Issue with the NPR Article which found that for the Fake News done by Mr Coler and people he knew only Republicans fell for it. Democrats figured out it was fake right away.
  • You claimed in your OP that the vast Majority of Fake News is created by Democrats. You provided no evidence of that. The one source you cited does not claim or state that either. Your claim is unfounded and unproven.
  • You told Think Progress to stop creating Fake News. There was a List of Fake News sites created by Prof Melissa Zimdars. Think Progress was not on that list.
  • You deflected from my statement that Fakes News Sites are both being done by Democrats and Republicans by claiming 90% are Democrats. The list put out by Prof Melissa Zimdars shows that it is a pretty even mixture. They all have one thing in common, they peddle Fake News to Republicans in order to make a profit.

“ It is a fascinating story.”

It is. I suggest you actually read it. Given you claim it says what it doesn’t shows you either did not actually read it, or you are intentionally lying about what it says to further a partisan agenda. Either way makes your pique about Fake News to be nothing more than empty prattling.

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