I updated my post. The 90% number comes from Propublica.
Publius Americanus

Publius Americanus,

“ I never stated the article indicated this.”

This is an easily proven Lie. You had posted “NPR did a deep dive and found that 90% of these sites were run by democrats. It is a fascinating story.”

After I posted a reply, you then went back an edited your post to say “ NPR did a deep dive and found that many of these sites were run by Democrats. It is a fascinating story. According to Propublica, 90% of the fake news sites are run by Democrats.”

Do you understand that Medium sends an email when a reply is posted with exactly what you wrote in your post? It is very clear you changed it after I had replied. I kindly included a Screenshot of the Email for your Original Post, as well as one for what you chose to Dishonestly edit it to. Changing it after it was replied to in order to counter the reply is pathetic and proves my point that your issue with Fake News is hollow.

  • You Lied about the NPR Article.
  • You Covered your lie about the NPR Article by going back and poorly editing your Post to change what it claimed.
  • In you rush to edit your Post you added another Lie, the NPR article only discussed with one person His Websites. It did not state or claim as you are attempting to that they “ found that many of these sites were run by Democrats”.
  • You only now claim that your statistic came from ProPublica, after being caught in a Lie that it was in the NPR Article. You do not cite a Link to that Statistic, nor am I able to locate that Statistic on their Website. Given your at this point proven lies, distortions, and proven editing of previous post when caught in a lie, this new claim is thus considered false.
  • You still have not addressed any other point. Although given you are a Proven Fraud and Liar, there really is no point to that anymore.

You are a Proven Fraud and Liar. Everything Previously Posted by You is thus suspect, as is anything Posted in the Future. Being against Fake News is Laudable. So is being against Dishonest Frauds such as you. Have a Nice Day.

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