Exactly my point.
Publius Americanus

Publius Americanus,

You do not learn do you? You edited another post after it had been replied to since you were caught in another lie.

You had Posted “ I never stated the article indicated this. The 90% number comes from Propublica.”

Of course that was a lie since you had stated that, then edited it after you were caught. You changed this post to “ I updated my post. The 90% number comes from Propublica.” Which again, was AFTER it had been replied to, and you had been caught. Given you were already reminded that Medium Emails your comments as they are posted, you had to know this would get caught as well. Lying to Cover Lying to Cover Lying, and editing comments to cover those lies is beyond pathetic. This is the second time you have done this in this conversation, and you have easily been caught in the act, with proof. Do you have any Honor or Integrity at all?

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