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“ Those are the FACTS.”


“ Please tell us PRECISELY the last time HRC appeared on Fox. Oops, can NOT because she has NOT. She called in ONCE to O”reilly following the terrorist attack in Nice.”

The Attack in Nice France occurred 14 July 2016. On Fox News Sunday, on July 31st 2016, Hillary was interviewed. Your statement is hence Fiction.

“ Hannity has ALWAYS said that he is a OPINION commentator no different than the editorial page of the NY Times.”

Sean Hannity 2008 “I’m a journalist who interviews people who I disagree with all the time.”

Hannity’s program offers a mix of news, commentary, guest interviews and branded segments- Hannity’s self Bio on Fox News.

Seems he has not “ALWAYS” said he was an opinion commentator. Your statement would hence be Fiction. Usually when a person claims something as a Fact they make sure it actually is one.