A poem for the Next Titans — SUCCESS

Little drops of water makes an ocean

I am a Titan and a philanthropist today

I beam with smiles as my credit alerts roll in

Hustle my maiden name and

Luxury my middle name.

I look back and see my heavy eyes

From the many sleepiness nights

I hear the loud sound of doors

Slammed on my face in rejection.

I have lost count of hours spent

Brain storming in the wee hours

Thinking out of the box

On sunny and rainy days.

I see my proposals neatly packed

In executive trash cans

Failed appointments, dashed hopes

And nearly signed contracts.

The glam and glitter you see now

Was once a basket full of shattered pieces of glass

Glued to form the diamond you admire today.

The level of commitment and perseverance

Employed in building Rome

Is equated to that employed in glueing this pieces of glass.

Make no mistake,

As little drops of water makes an ocean

So also consistent steps of determination.


Poem by Chinyere Lilly