This is the story of America, in my eyes. Hate, intense and visceral, between all its many people. White against black, rich against poor, old against young, rural against urban. This hate made it impossible for America to agree on providing healthcare, education, even water, safety, stability, opportunity. “I will not pay for their lives!”. But the only result is that everyone’s life is poorer.
Love and Resistance
umair haque

And it is an idea which they have exported to the rest of the world, most successfully to other English speaking countries. The UK and Australia seem particularly determined to follow in the footsteps of the US with divisive language used in the media and by political leaders. This has also been seen in attacks on the institutions which had served to build an inclusive society such as public education, healthcare and welfare. Although not always successful and with forms of systemic discrimination they did go some way to addressing inequality.

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