Two things, we need many low skill jobs for our low skilled breathern, we just can’t let unions…

‘Low’ skill jobs are going to become an increasingly scarce form of employment and the people doing them still need to be earning a living wage. Automation will replace most of these sorts of jobs and insisting that the people doing those that remain deserve to live in poverty is a concept I find appalling. While doing these jobs in a state of poverty it is impossible to improve or increase your skill-sets let alone properly care and provide for yourself or others. If you’re working over 40hrs a week and still struggling to make ends meet it doesn’t leave much energy for anything else in life.

If your corporations don’t want to pay for the desired skill-sets and preys upon the vulnerable to meet needs that is a reflection of American corporate culture, not of those who are being exploited. The crippling costs and failings of the American higher education are notorious. Universities take full fee paying students because they need the money, if there isn’t sufficient domestic demand they will look overseas. Leaving aside the historical exploitation and interference by the West in general and the US in particular which created the current conditions in most of the developing world, I don’t understand how these students fail to bring diversity whilst at the same time living in their own world? I’m guessing that moving to a foreign country where English may be a second language and there are a range of cultural differences not only with the dominant culture but fellow students may be a bit of a barrier to cooperation and collaboration. The current resurgence of racism and hostility towards minorities probably doesn’t help either.

The West hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory when it comes to acting with integrity. The standards of ethics and honesty of political leaders, governments and corporations in dealings with each other and others demonstrates more often an attitude of ‘what can we get away with’ than shining example of best practice.

Cultures change, they aren’t static. Attitudes and ideals about current American cultural identity would be foreign to a US citizen from 1900. Costs to American culture come in the form of growing inequality and alienation, hostility towards minorities and anyone considered ‘the other’. Automation and AI is going to eliminate anywhere up to or beyond 50% of current jobs with a trend of one created for every seven eliminated. Society is going to have to change and so are the ideas around how the economy is structured.

I don’t know what that will look like but hostility to others and trying to maintain the status quo will not only prove futile, but costly.