The faces, the people, the groups involved, changed — but the pattern didn’t. The economy remained predicated, founded on exploitation, only now it was less able to do so effectively, less viciously, less visibly. Hence, stagnation. Today, the economy is still a predatory machine — only it is so for everyone, not just specific ethnic or racial groups. That is the true historic price of the toxic legacy of hate America carries.
Did America Ever Really Work?
umair haque

This pattern was repeated in Australia. We had a 'White Australia’ immigration policy which barred immigrants outside of white Europeans but which allowed for imported labour from the Asia-Pacific. These workers had limited rights, were poorly paid and unable to bring their families with them. Even after the abolition of the White Australia policy, discrimination against immigrants, particularly from Asia and the Middle East has continued. Australia also exploited the indigenous population for labour. On missions with tight controls on movement and access to education and opportunities. The pastoral industry also exploited Aboriginal labour as stockmen and camp labour, one of the biggest arguments against providing fair pay and conditions is that it would reduce the profitability of the Stations. The shift to more broad scale exploitation of workers with reductions in wages and conditions has seen a similar pattern of economic decline. Australia was fortunate to have its economy propped up by the massive growth in China fueling demand for Australian resources but the boom has passed and the inherent weaknesses in the economic system are starting to emerge.