Some thoughts on Star Trek Beyond
Wil Wheaton

I was, and still am a huge Trek fan. I approached the new series of movies with the same approach I do to many movies based on IP I already know. I throw what I know out the window and just try to enjoy the new iteration.

That said, the new Trek movies have been a lot more about action and adventure in space than they have about the journey to explore new worlds. Maybe that’s saying something about the movie going masses, in fact maybe it says more about the masses than it does about anything else. On the action scifi front I’ve enjoyed the new Trek. On the Trek front I’m just barely standing in the green grass. There are just enough moments that remind me it really is Kirk and Uhura and Spock and Bones etc.

Now for Beyond. I completely understand your stance on Jaylah. Yes, she was ass kicking for most of the movie. Why not just have her ass kick all the way. Heck, why not have her save Kirk in the end? I agree with other posters, it doesn’t reduce her to just a damsel in distress, but I did feel it diminished the character’s overall shape in my head.

The Bones/Spock stuff? OMG! Loved it. Rolling out of my chair, punching my buddy in the arm. But there wasn’t enough of that for the rest of the crew in my opinion.

Overall, Beyond gets 4/5 stars from me. Because despite putting away everything I know, and actually enjoying it, after the viewing, it’s still a Trek movie, and as a Trek movie it was just missing in a few places.

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