Jeff Flake in Denial of his Party

This is written by a REPUBLICAN Senator. On its face, it looks like Flake is some kind of sanctimonious senator who finally sees the error in his party. But my gut tells me he’s scared shitless of the 2018 AZ race and wants to distance himself from the rotting bag of orange shit in the Oval Office.

As 2018 approaches and more Republicans break rank and try to pin all their failures on Trump, it’s important to remember that Trump is not the disease and was a lifelong Democrat until he realized the only party he could exploit was the GOP. It started with the birther movement, playing on their fears of a black man in power. That would have never flown with the Democrats. Then it moved into their fear of Mexican stealing jobs. Again, not a huge concern for me or the Democrats and I live in California. Then finally he scooped up the base with winks and nods to Nationalism and a return to white male dominance. The Democrats are an inclusive party, sometimes to an extreme fault, so that bullshit wouldn’t have worked either.

What I’m saying is that Trump is the symptom he’s not the disease. The Modern GOP gave us Bush, an 8-year temper tantrum and then the most unqualified president in American History. I would say Flake is more in denial about his own party than they are Trump.