5 Swim Tips for New Triathletes

Athletes moving in for a wave start

As someone who grew up a swimmer then turned triathlete and then USAT Certified Coach, I have worked a lot with new triathletes and specifically those who are a bit nervous or experience anxiety over the swim portion of a triathlon. To help you overcome your nervousness about the swim, here are 5 Tips for New Triathletes:

5. Relax! You trained for this (hopefully). Any stress/anxiety you experience will only work against you in the water. Breathe deeply and swim the race you know you can.

4. Pace yourself. It is normal to be a bundle of nerves before your race. Going out in the swim too fast will only leave you winded and tired for the rest of your event. Start off at “warm up” pace and go from there when you are ready.

3. Have a reason. In the swim portion of any race, the going is gonna get tough. And that’s when you need to toughen up. You need to have some thing that will keep you going. It can be a person, a saying, an experience, whatever. Use that reason whenever you need to in order to keep pushing forward.

2. Be prepared. The weather can be a funny thing. Sun, rain, wind, you name it, it’s out there! You need to be ready for it all and have it not shake you. I’ve always thought that I should not worry about things I cannot control. After all, all the other racers have to deal with the same conditions you do. Your best bet is to be ready for anything that comes your way and not lose a step.

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1. ENJOY YOUR RACE! Sure, there are some professional triathletes, but for 99% of us, this is supposed to be FUN! So smile, laugh, high-five your wave-mates and enjoy the fact that you can get out there and participate in the great sport of triathlon. When it’s over, you can figure out what race to sign up for next!

Originally published at www.trirightcoaching.com.