20 non-political reasons why Brexit is shit
Sara Roebuck

Sara: What a horror parade! You make me wonder why I think of re-patriating to get away from our so-called president and his fascist cronies in govt.

These days, the US (fake name, since this is two countries, actually — nothing united about it) is maybe even worse off than UK. Maybe some of us have out-lived out time and should die off quietly and leave the younger generations to sort this one out?

Who would have imagined my life would be book-ended by Hitler and Trumpenfuhrer? Not I, for darn sure.

And it looks like Brits might even end up needing a passport to visit Scotland and its sensible and charming people. Going to Majorca to get out of Brit winters surely will be harder than it is now. But England (which is all it will be in couple of years — forget the UK business, oh wait, there’s always Wales, right?) is full of people left out of London’s prosperity — which, I hear is where most of the money is, just as most of the rural US areas are dying, while the big cities prosper.

Across the pond, it’s pretty crappy, too. Except it was the Right Wing politically manipulated Electoral College vote that allowed the left-behinders to elect— though Hillary had 3,000,000 more votes — -the odious creature we have squatting in our White House a few days a week and playing king in his palace in Florida on the looong weekends, thanks to over a generation of anti-democratic RW nationwide daily radio propaganda. Your campaign seasons are shorter, so the propaganda didn’t last as long, but had the same result. Voters not only shot themselves in the gut, but hurt everyone else, too.

Brits, at least, get to eat real food — however boring — while over here we eat chemically altered GMO fake food. University costs plenty here, but many still school in England for the “class” quality we will never achieve. I could go on, but won’t. Since England is still only hours away from real Europe, it’s still better there than here, is all I can say to finish.

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