Ohio State vs Clemson: Social Media Battle

The advancement of technology is always a simple topic to discuss because there are so many variables around the world that have been affected by it, as modern society basically relies on technology for most day-to-day things nowadays. One of those variables that most people couldn’t imagine the advancement of technology having an effect on is recruiting, because it is shocking to learn that recruitment can be influenced with the use of technology.

From Pete Thamel’s article on Sports Illustrated, “Ohio State, Clemson competing in Fiesta Bowl … and on social media” we learn how recruits in modern society tend to care more, atleast more than in the past, about schools social media when considering their future college. With something so simple as a SnapChat story, Ohio State and Clemson have drawn more attention to their football programs from big recruits, as opposed to the usual items that draw interest like academic support, facilities, etc…

By thriving in the social media aspect of recruitment (which clearly seems to be working as both teams are succeediong in their respective seasons), it is clear that Ohio State and Clemson are contributors of the advancement of recruiting strategies. As this is somewhat unexpected, it is becoming more clear how recruits like to see things that they have not seen before when making their decisions, things that seperate one from the pack and make them unique.