Arms and Back Workout

  • Started with a pull-up (with palms towards you)/dip super set with 6–8 of each until warmed up. Make sure you get the squeeze in the bicep peak, and contraction in the back at the top of the pull-up. Also, since this isn’t a chest dip, get a good squeeze in the triceps at the top of the dip as well. 4 Sets

-Moved on from here to Skull Crushers (with burnout) and superset with lateral DB shoulder raises.

Do skull crushers with a weight you can control, while giving you a good stretch at the bottom of the movement. Perform 8–12 good reps with a squeeze at the top of each rep. After the initial reps, burnout with close grip bench press, keeping your elbows stationary and getting a good squeeze in the triceps on each rep. Your elbows should be treated as the fulcrum for your arm, and no movement back and forth should occur.

For the superset, do 15 lateral raises with an easier weight, and get a good burn in the shoulder, while maintaining good form.

  • After the triceps, we moved on to lower back extensions while holding a 25 pound plate. Ensuring full extension at the bottom of the movement, and a good contraction in the lower back and glutes at the top of the movement. Perform 10–15 reps. Superset with leg raises for abs to balance out the core exercise. Perform 4 sets. It is important to

Tricep cable pushdowns with moderate weight, 1 second explosive concentric movement (the downward portion), with a 3 second eccentric movement (when the weight is coming back towards your head). Perform 8–10 perfect reps, with a full flex/squeeze of the tricep on every rep.

Superset with DB strict bicep curls, 2 second squeeze on every rep, 3 second negative, go for 8–10 on these as well. The key on these bicep curls is to feel the full contraction in the peak of the bicep, and control the weight throughout the entire movement, leading to a lengthy time under tension for the muscle.

That’s enough lifting for the day, finish with a HIIT running session on the track.

-Jog lightly for about 30 seconds, moderate run for 30 seconds, near sprint for 20 seconds, full sprint for 15 seconds. These second counts are rough estimates, but go for a good burn at every pace, and turn it up a notch, until you are fully sprinting. Perform 3–4 rounds of this, and you should be pretty fatigued at the end, especially after the lift. Have a cool down jog/walk, and finish with a good stretch/foam roll session for 10–20 minutes, depending on how much time you have, or how sore/tight you feel.

-It is imperative to finish a workout with stretching to increase the longevity of your life as an athlete. While you lift weights, the muscle contracts, and the entire workout is spent tightening the muscle. You need to perform movements that will loosen or stretch the muscle back to it’s natural length, so you can go back and do it again tomorrow.