Leg Workout

Warm up on the elliptical for 5–10 minutes, then perform some dynamic stretching movements before you move on to any weighted exercises. Perform a few sets of body weights squats, butt kicks, high knees, and other exercises that you enjoy. Once you feel like your muscles are warm, move on to the weights.

Squats-5 Working Sets

Start with the bar on squats and do 15–20 reps of that, just to get the movement pattern down

Now add a weight you’re very comfortable doing 12–15 reps with, and do that next.

Now for the working sets (5 sets-12–10–8–8–6) (use weight that you are comfortable with, but is challenging towards the end of the set, use a spotter if necessary)

Don’t worry about having to stop mid-set, relax with the bar on your back and rest, and complete the rest of your reps. Keep your core tight, drive through your heels and explode out of the hole and at the top of the movement on every rep.

Leg Extension/Leg Curl Superset-4 Sets

Sets with reps of 15-1 second lifting phase, half second hold-3 second lowering phase-repeat

Stiff Leg Dumbell Deadlift/Bodyweight Lunge Superset-4 Sets

Deads-sets of 12–15 (don’t flex your glutes on this movement, keep your hamstrings activated throughout the entire exercise, in order to increase time under tension for the hamstring)

Alternating lunges-sets of 8 lunges per leg-make sure you reach your lead foot far out in front of you, and complete the lunge once that foot lands, repeat with your other leg.

Glute Bridge with straight bar/Squat jump superset-4 Sets

Bridge-Be explosive with the hips on this movement-put the bar at a height that is parallel with the height that your hips will reach at the top of the movement, and ensure that you fully contract the glutes on every rep, try and hold the contraction for half a second-8–10 reps per set. Studies have proven that the glute bridge is the number 1 exercise for building the glutes, as it is the best exercise for targeting the muscle throughout the entire movement).

Squat Jumps-Use the momentum from your arms swinging and jump with explosiveness for 12–15 reps. This should be a cardio intensive movement, which will have you fatigued at the end of the set. This is the end of the lift, so give these squat jumps all you have.

That completes the lift

Go do a cool down run, bike, stairs, or whatever method of cardio you prefer. Try and stretch for at least 10 minute, if not at the gym, at home before bed, in front of the TV, just find some time in your day to stretch.

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