Monday Fat Burning Workout

It’s the beginning of the week, you’re contemplating going to the gym or staying home and relaxing. Get up, throw on your gym clothes, and get in the car. You no longer have the excuse of not knowing what to do, because I’ve done that for you. If you can’t do some of the exercises I’ve listed, do the best you can. Now go ahead and start the week off on the right foot.

-Start With Cardio

Warm up with 5 minutes light pace (level 5–7) on the StairMaster, now go for 15 minutes between 10–15 intensity, whichever you are more comfortable with. Try not to lean on the machine, and keep the pressure on your lower body.

Take a break, get some water and prepare for the upcoming circuit. When performing this circuit, keep in mind that it’s supposed to be difficult, take a max of 20 seconds break between exercises.

10 Box jumps with medicine ball

-Choose a medicine ball that you are comfortable jumping with, and a box height that won’t be dangerous, no one wants to ruin their shins. If your gym has the larger, soft boxes, use those instead of the metal ones.

Jump rope for 45 seconds

-Change it up throughout-2 foot jump, one foot jump, alternating back and forth-Keep the arm movement to a minimum and focus on flicking your wrists to propel the rope.

10 push ups

Knee push ups if necessary, you can also take breaks at times, as long as you get all 10 reps, you’ll be fine, keep pushing.

8 lunges per leg

-Alternating legs each rep-reach your foot far out in front of you while lunging, work on improving your range of motion, and drive your knee up on each rep.

Rowing machine for 45 seconds

-35 seconds normal pace-all out sprint for last 10 seconds.

12 Medicine ball throw downs

-Try and bounce the medicine ball as high as you can. Catch it after each bounce-make sure you feel the stretch in your lower abs at the top of each rep.

Complete this circuit 3–5 times, depending on your level of fitness. Don’t overexert yourself, but make sure you are pushing it. Remember, progress is never made unless you get out of your comfort zone. Who cares if you look like a crazy person at the gym doing these exercises? Focus on what you’re doing and do it to the best of your ability. This circuit should take around 5 minutes. With one minute of rest in between, completing 5 times will take around 30 minutes. This is a great way to spend about an hour total in the gym, with abs and cardio taken into account. You can also only do the circuit for x number of rounds, if you have even less time.

Finish with abs for 7 minutes straight. You don’t need a specific workout, just avoid sit ups while holding your neck. A good alternative can be done by holding your hands by your sides, and reaching them forward, while bringing your shoulder blades off of the ground.

When i do abs, i try and perform an exercise for 30 reps, then rest for a few seconds, and jump to another one. Once you hit the 5 minute mark, plank in a variety of positions for the final 2 minutes (side plank, traditional, opposite side). Other options to add to the 7 minutes include-bicycles, going in clockwise and counterclockwise directions-v seat where you hold in the v position for 30 seconds to a minute (or whatever you’re capable of). Russian twists-either with body weight or a medicine ball, depending on your skill level. You can also go on Instagram or YouTube and type in “abs” and find thousands of exercises if you find yourself having a mental lapse thinking of what to do next. Go for the burn in your abs, and remember that this portion is only 7 minutes of the workout, push through it and finish strong.

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