The iPhone X is the Beginning of the End for Phones
Owen Williams

The Apple Watch, when it first arrived, didn’t impress me for two reasons: 1. It wasn’t autonomous and, 2. It was trying too hard to look like a watch. There wasn’t anything in its form-factor that was revolutionary. With cell connectivity, it does change the game for people like myself who hate to carry around a large slab and stuff it in their pocket, only to sit on it, leave it somewhere, forget to bring it or drop it. Yuck. Wearable tech is the future for sure. The phone still has life, but wearable connectivity is where most things are heading. I’d be willing to bet that the screen size issue of watches may be a little bit of a trite complaint. As materials science advances, we may indeed get to a point where we just say, “Remember those days where we used to carry around those flat phones?”

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