Facebook Live Is Now Live On World Map

Facebook Live may have been appearing more and more in your notifications depending on the celebrity’s you follow or friends you have, but now everyone can tap into Live events happening across the world.

At the bottom left of your Facebook desktop screen you will see the section ‘Apps’ and at the top a new addition — ‘Live Video’.

On the world map you will see numerous blue dots, when you click on these you can see different live streams. Obviously, time zones will play a part in this and depending on the time you look you will see different parts of the world.

Facebook has unveiled many updates this year so far and only time will tell how popular this will be, but it is a bloody interesting concept.

In my opinion, the first set of tests will be when there is a big political event or news in the world and it will be interesting to see the number of people that jump onto this to see what is happening there from different perspectives through social media rather than news channels.

For small business owners, this gives you a chance to reach out to the whole of the world’s Facebook community in a completely different way. If you have an event then you will be able to gain more reach — however, be aware that you can’t target who looks yet so this may not convert to a measurable ROI.

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