The Top Things to Evaluate Before You Search Apartments for Rent In Manayunk

Apartment hunting process can be stressful; even more so if you are new to Manayunk or are looking in a competitive market where hoards of people show up to every open house. The below-mentioned tips can help you get organized, set your priorities, search smooth and stay vigilant every step of the way.

From cost to conveniences, the top things to evaluate before you search houses for rent in Manayunk:

• Amenities (sauna, swimming pool, laundry hook-ups or utilities)
• Price
• Damage
• Flexibility to relocate
• Neighborhood
• Good maintenance
• Square footage
• Appearance, interior and exterior
• Public transit, shopping, highways, proximity to major recreational hubs, etc.

Make a list of apartments for rent in Manayunk that you’re interested in. It is important because if you’re exploring several houses for rent in Manayunk, you might get confused (“Which one had the double basins in the bathroom? Did I visit this apartment already?”).

Call each apartment landlord with a set of questions. Speak with the landlord on the phone when investigating Manayunk apartments for rent. This will ensure that you know who you’re dealing with and make it easier to see if everything is real. If the apartment is not what you’re looking for, jot down why (e.g. “overly priced”, “less storage space” or “not available”).

Set up an appointment to view an apartment. You shouldn’t rent Manayunk apartment without seeing it in person. Photos on websites can leave out signs of leakage, destruction, or they might even be from a completely different area. Go and investigate the apartment yourself to make sure there is no leakage and If there is any leakage, ask about it and when it will be fixed.

Check the exterior of the apartments.

• Junk on the front door or balconies 
• Loud barking
• Blankets on the windows instead of curtains
• Parking spot? Will you have a hard time finding a space? Does the lot look jam-packed? Is the parking well-lit at night?

Be alert when you enter the apartment.

• Locks work?
• Security?
• Privacy?
• Does it smell funny?

Don’t be scared to be a little nosy. Open the spare room to get a real picture of the available storage space. Flush the toilet, run the water in the bathroom basins and kitchen sinks, and turn on the shower. Check under the sinks for signs of fungus and critters — it’s a lot better to know now if there is a problem.

Visit at night if you can. If the society is gated, you can still see how crowded or well-lit the parking lot is, and whether people are throwing parties or being loud.