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This is an article from Issue#2 of May, 2015

Nowadays the TV World is enough structured. Everyone got used to what is shown on TV. In lots of countries formats are kept repeated, adapted or simply modified to be presented as allegedly new formats. It seems that everything that could be shown has already been shown.

At the same time we observe the process when every day we can see the implementation of something new to TV broadcasts. The process of creating new international formats is too difficult. We tried to analyze and talked to the world’s leading experts about formats and reasons that make them successful.

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What are your best selling formats?

Anne Kirsipuu, CIS & Baltic States, Fremantle Media Group Ltd: FremantleMedia most sold format is Family Feud (sold in 61 countries total), in 2014 Family Feud was sold in four new countries, making successful come-back in many others. Got Talent is sold in 58 countries, Idols in 49 and X-Factor in 45 countries. Those are the most successful shows for us. Farmer Wants a Wife (sold in 30 countries) still makes fantastic audience numbers. From new shows My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours has been sold in most CEE territories, first adaptation of Who Lives Here? outperformed channel prime-time average by 21% on SVT1 Sweden as of few recent examples after MIP TV.

Marina Williams, CEE region, Endemol:

On a global level Deal or No Deal has been sold to 74 territories, Master Chef to 55 markets, Minute to Win has travelled to 55 counties, The Money Drop to 54, Big Brother has now been sold to 48 territories, Your Face Sounds Familiar to 37. The new amazing formats which are now making a statement are Bulls Eye from the USA and Island from the UK. These are amazing big budget productions. There are also game shows like endless UK Pointless which works across the world and there was even a book published dedicated to it (over a thousand episodes now in the UK alone).

Denis Tuznu, Global Agency, Turkey:

Our strong formats are Shopping Monsters, Rivals in Law, Blind Taste for daytime access and for prime time, Keep Your Light Shining is our best selling title. I believe The Remix will soon take the world by storm.

Avi Armoza, Armoza Formats:

I Can Do That! is a prime time highlight of our catalogue and is now in production in 15 countries, including the US. It was recently aired in Bulgaria and raised the channel average by 25%.
Connected (reality show) is another of our formats that has received a lot of positive attention recently and has now reached more than 10 territories. Over the last few months, we’ve seen several new launches, including the 1st season in the US on AOL and in Ireland on RTE2, while Finland aired their 3rd season on MTV3. In addition, in Israel where the show has become a huge phenomenon, with each season performing better than the previous one, the 7th season is now in production. Connected has created so much buzz because it is based on the very simple and authentic idea that we are all curious about other people’s lives. And given the culture of self-exposure that stems from social media, we are more comfortable now than ever before with sharing many elements of our private lives. Connected takes this premise and uses a revolutionary language to adapt it for the world of television, making the reality genre real again and providing a big contrast to the familiar scripted reality.

What countries are the best buyers? What genres?

Anna Verbovska, MK Media Group LLC:

For several years, in Ukraine and in CIS countries these formats are well accustomed Game shows: Evening Quarter, Make the Comedian Laugh, Evening Urgant. A good humor and favorite presenters make great success. Reality shows Master Chef, The Biggest Loser are also popular. Highlight of the show is that characters can say on camera their opinion of each participant.
Social formats, made to reveal more information to consumers, are Inspector Freimuth and Money. The idea is that viewers can see many things: service industry, fraud, corruption, etc. It will always be important for the viewer.

Denis Tuznu, Global Agency, Turkey: Russia and Ukraine are the top buyers in CIS, with high demand for Talent and Reality.

Marina Williams, CEE region, Endemol:

All of our clients are considered equal, but we have noticed that in particular, reality shows work extremely well across Balkan region (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine). It is interesting that Your Face Sounds Familiar is equally successful across all these regions. It makes us believe that Big Brother could also work in Ukraine if it was produced up to the right standard and promoted by one of the major channels. Big Brother is a huge success in Balkans so perhaps there is something to consider for the Ukrainians. Big Brother evolved so much in the last several years, it is not Dom 2 (Russian reality format which is often mistakenly considered to be Big Brother). Big Brother has incredible game play, amazing emotional elements, it even has more of family skewed versions like in Israel and Australia vs Edgy reality. Besides cross promotion of Big Brother with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube creates amazing following and unbeatable success.

Avi Armoza, Armoza Formats:

Hungary and Turkey are strong format territories for us. The 5th season of Still Standing has recently finished airing on M1 Hungary with strong ratings. Our partnerships have also included MTVA with studio game show We Believe in You and VIASAT3 on the recent collaboration of daily stripped styling format Runway in my Closet.

Anne Kirsipuu, CIS & Baltic States, Fremantle Media Group Ltd:

According to 2014 year results the biggest buyers were Germany (28 formats) and the USA (25 formats), France and the UK both bought 20 formats. Russia and Ukraine both bought 19 formats, together with China and the Netherlands.

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