Productivity Tips No. 2:
Create content first — edit after!

People who think you should edit the content while you’re producing it are totally wrong. NEVER do it!

This can for example be applied when you write, brainstorm or when you create music. It’s a rule you should follow every time you do something creative!

Tim Ferriss, the ultimate productivity “guru” is the one who tought me this. And Pat Flynn is also someone who talks about this way of creating great content all the time.

Why you shouldn’t create content and edit at the same time:

It’s easy. You’re in a creative mode when you create content and you’re in a logical mode when you edit. That means thinking inside the box — inside the rules of the language.

You shouldn’t care about if the content is good or not when you’re in the creative mode, you’re allowed to judge it when you’re about to go through it and edit your work. Don’t care about your logical brain that needs to follow the rules of the language and the values of thoughts — just let your real mind decide what’s right at this specific moment.

So please, do this for yourself next time you’re in a brainstorming session, writing session or just when you do anything that could be perceived as something creative. Don’t judge your creation before the creative moment is over!

Can you promise me that? GOOD! 👍

Now write/create something and I’ll see you again tomorrow! //Marcus Karoumi @mkaroumi 😊

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