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Tiny Productivity Trick from Noah Kagan

Productivity Trick: don’t bring a power cord to coffee shops so you’re limited to how much time you can work and you’ll goof off less.

I’m not the smart guy behind this simple trick. Noah Kagan—an early employee at Facebook and founder of AppSumo is.

You probably think this sounds like a trick that won’t change anything in your life, but let me tell you — you’re WRONG! This is really important and have helped me a lot!

When you go to coffee shops or to any place with the intention of being creative —just leave your power cord at home!

Leaving the cord at home will force you to save your phone’s battery and it will let you stay focused on what really matters — to get your important things done. It’s as simple as that!

This “blog post” shouldn’t be any longer than this because the only thing I want to say is — TRY THIS!

Do it the next time you go out for a (boring) business lunch, work session at the local café or just any other scenario when you should be productive.

As Nike says — JUST FREAKIN’ DO IT!

Please let me know what you think about this tiny trick,
Marcus Karoumi —