Tips: Meet people who think differently than you!

It’s comfortable to be around people who are and think like you, but sometimes you need to change that.

I’m currently creating an event app with my friend, Markus. We’re both “business guys”, and had a dinner meeting with another friend who’s a kickass developer.

The meeting contained a heavy discussion about what problems we need to solve and what we want the event app to do. Our developer friend instantly came with ideas and new ways of solving these problems that we hadn’t even thought about. He just took the initiative and made everything much clearer to us.

This may seem like a pointless blog post, but think about it. Don’t you love when people bring a new way of thinking and solving problems without you even asking for it? When they confront your ideas in a constructive way and mix your thoughts with his or her thoughts? I LOVE it, and I think it’s the beauty of meeting different people.

My tips:

Try to meet people who are different than you. The comfort zone is one of the most dangerous places to be stuck inside. If you’re a marketing guy or gal — meet a developer and vice versa. Two marketing guys/gals will never come up with the same results as a mix of one marketing and one product guy/gal will. We need the mix!

I apologize for the half-bad post. I just had to write something about this even though I’m really tired. I hope you understand.
Thanks and see ya tomorrow // Marcus Karoumi @mkaroumi 😊

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