You’ll never be sad when you see your desktop from now on…

You just saw something stupid your old friend wrote on Facebook…

Cmd+shift+4 and you’ve screenshoted it (why wouldn’t you?)

You then send the screenshot to your mutual friend with a funny caption like “haha lol xD”

What happens next? I bet $100 you won’t delete that screenshot until months later at night when you half sit, half lie down in your bed cleaning your desktop (I did this 5 mins ago, that’s why I can explain this so detailed).

But I just found the solution… And it only takes 1 minute!

How to change the “default screenshot save location” on your Mac!

A messy desktop = a messy braintop.

  1. Create a folder on your Desktop called “Screenshots” or just anything else.
  2. Open the Terminal and enter this command:
    defaults write location
    Before you hit enter — add space after “location” and then drag the “Screenshots” folder into Terminal.
  3. Hit enter on your keyboard
  4. Enter this command:
    killall SystemUIServer
  5. Hit enter again… AND YOU’RE DONE!

This is what your desktop will look like (soon when you’ve deleted/moved every screenshot)!

Hope that helped you. Please press 💚 if it did. Will probably save some lives! 😘

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