Linking Together on Twitter to Discuss #LinkedInChat

Tuesday evening (2/14), Con Sweeney led a live Twitter chat focusing on the professional social media platform, LinkedIn.

Starting at 8 p.m. users were able to follow that chat by searching #LinkedinChat on Twitter and were able to talk to both Sweeney and other active users who were participating as well. For the hour, Sweeney asked 11 questions, all in relation to time spent on LinkedIn.

His first question started with, “How much time do you spend on LinkedIn.” Being a third-year college student, I chose this chat because I don’t have much experience with the LinkedIn network. However, with graduation right around the corner, I know it’s about that time I need to get my feet wet with LinkedIn.

With that being said, some of the questions I personally couldn’t answer, due to lack of experience. For this question, I responded with a general tweet to everyone, asking if and when I should join LinkedIn.

There was an overwhelming response to this tweet with replies both from other curious college students who had this same question, as well as professionals, urging us that is never to early to join and start networking.

In fact, Sweeney himself responded with, “@MLK_UFJOU Yes! I know high school graduates who using it to find internships/coops #LinkedInChat.”

Users who do use LinkedIn and were participating in the chat said they typically use LinkedIn daily, however the actual time spent online differed for everyone.

Sweeney then asked why people spend that time on LinkedIn. Most people responded stating they use LinkedIn to network, connect with possible employers and stay up to date with job openings in their fields.

Some tweeters were hinting they didn’t know what to do/look for on LinkedIn, which I too could relate to.

For example, @AbigailTaylor97 tweeted, “@conpsweeney I don’t spend that much time on it because I don’t really know how to properly optimize it. Any tips? #LinkedInChat.”

Next Sweeney asked, “Do you spend enough time on #LinkedIn? Why or why not?” This response was split, with half of the participators in the chat feeling like they did, while others wishing they spent more.

Here, I noticed a slower response rate, so I took that time to ask a question I had been thinking about. I asked,“We’ve been taught to alter our resumes for each specific job posting- what advice to you have for doing this on LinkedIn? #LinkedInChat”

I got an awesome answer from Micole Kaye (@socialmicole), who said, “@MLK_UFJOU The Gator Nation is everywhere! Set LinkedIn up for the job you want but include details that make you “whole.” #LinkedInChat!”

I loved how she tied networking back to the Gator Nation. This helped me really understand the benefits I will have from my degree and UF community in the future.

Throughout the remainder of the chat Sweeney asked:

· “Q4) How do you know if you’re being productive with your time on #LinkedIn? #linkedinchat”

· “Q5) Can anyone spend too much time on #LinkedIn? #linkedinchat”

· “Q6) How much time do you think you should spend on #LinkedIn? Why or why not? #linkedinchat”

· “Q7) Does anyone use a schedule to control their time on #LinkedIn? How has that worked? #linkedinchat”

· “Q8) Has anyone decreased their time spent on #LinkedIn? Why? #linkedinchat”

With question seven, I was able to tell a fellow chatter about Buffer, which I learned about from my Social Media Management class. I found it to be awesome that I was able to apply what I was learning in a college class, to the real world!

Overall, I really enjoyed participating in the Tweet Chat, and I feel like I took away a lot of helpful information that is extremely applicable.