Ever since i was a young child I have been fascinated by the way things work. Like most other children of Engineering parents, I constantly was taking things apart to see what made them “tick” and putting them back together, sometimes the rebuild was successful, sometimes not. Nevertheless, no matter the discipline administered by my parents for my unsuccessful revival of my recently dismantled toys, my curiosity of understanding technology and the thrill of building (and rebuilding) things took hold of me, and i was effectively “hooked” for life. This fascination and continued pursuit of knowledge and understanding of how things worked ultimately led me down a educational route heavily rooted in the field of science. After working my way through college and earning a B.S. in Physics from the University of North Florida, I was not satisfied with just having a strong theoretical understanding of how things worked. I NEEDED to know how to apply them to the real world. I needed to find applications for my knowledge. This need led me into returning to college and earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. With a previous background of Physics, engineering school was not a challenge. Often times, I found myself leading study groups and test preparations for my friends and fellow students. Tutoring and helping my fellow students truly set my understanding of the materials on another level compared to my classmates and i found myself graduating at the top of my class with a competitive GPA. With my two degrees in hand and competitive GPA, I set out to enter the workforce bright eyed and bushy tailed. The first company I applied to was a long-steel manufacturer named Gerdau. I was immediately hired and placed into their accelerated program for management. As most newly hired graduates from college, i was thrilled to have landed such a high paying job, located in my hometown of Jacksonville Florida, with seemingly unending opportunity for growth in an international corporation. However, it did not take long for me to become disillusioned and unhappy with my job choice right after college. My job, although high paying, was simply a people management position. There were no projects, no engineering, no design or building of any kind. As a result, I lost my drive to perform at the level I was capable of, I lost my happiness and pride associated with doing a job I truly loved. This realization led me to resign from my position and to pursue a career in which i would not only be excited about but also proud of. The truth of the matter is, Software Engineers, are the future of this country. Gone are the days of having a full staff of engineers doing calculations and drawings, being replaced by programs and software developed by Software Engineers. Being able to just simply use programs such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works, and NX was just not enough for me. I wanted to understand how these programs worked. I wanted to build my own applications, my own programs, my own webpages. I WANT TO CREATE THINGS that make not only my life better but everybody. What led my to apply and want to attend the Holberton school is their unique approach to education. By the school focusing on soft skills, technical skills, and project oriented learning, I believe that if selected I would be able to enter the workforce able, willing, and excited to get work done on day 1. At this point in time, everyone has a degree from some where. Yes having a degree is prestigious and makes mom and dad proud but often times college does not prepare you for the real world. What works on the chalkboard in class does not necessarily work out in the field. In my opinion, compared to other coding bootcamps and seminars, Holberton is a beacon of hope for people like myself aspiring for a career change into the tech industry. Usually there is not enough accessible information to teach yourself what is needed for an entry level position in software engineering, but quite the opposite is true, there is an over saturation of information on the internet. I believe the approach of the Holberton school, with a full stack mentality of developing and learning skills by completing real life projects as part of a team of your peers is revolutionary and is sure to disrupt the industry by producing graduates to employers that are able to get the job done from day 1 of hiring. I don’t want another piece of paper to hang on my office wall, I want a new career in an ever changing, fast paced industry, with the skill set that only Holberton can deliver. I know that if accepted into your program, I will look back on my decision to apply to your school as one of the most important decisions I ever made in my life.

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