It’s Time to Start Calling Evangelicals What They Are: The American Taliban
JC Weatherby

I think that it is vastly irresponsible and borderline disgusting to state that Evangelicals are “the American Taliban”. You may not like what they do or how they do it, you may not like what they believe or how they are trying to enforce their beliefs, but they are not murdering, raping, or torturing people by the thousands.

“Once in control the Taliban began to kill people indiscriminately. At first shooting people in the street. Women were raped, and thousands of people were locked in containers and left to suffocate. This ethnic cleansing left an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 dead. The Taliban indiscriminately killed civilians, while uprooting and expelling the population.”

Do you really suggest that’s what Christians are like today? You say “it’s more effective to make a meaningful comparison with a sworn enemy that everyone knows”. More effective at doing what exactly? Click-baiting people into reading your article? I’m not a Christian, but slandering, smearing, and demonizing the Christian community with such a title, trying to turn people against them as if they were Jihadist murderers, just so people will read your article and support your cause is a shameful tactic. You can explain to people how Christian influence on education is a negative thing, without resorting to such perversion.

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