7 Advantages of Using Swift Over Objective-C

Have you faced the dilemma of choosing between Swift and Objective-C for building your iOS mobile app? Probably yes or maybe you will. It is quite common now because these two languages still seem to be fierce competitors.

After Swift had been announced a new programming language from Apple, it caused a lot of surprise and confusion in the community. There were various predictions about its future and the developers’ feedback left a great deal of room for further discussions.

Created as a replacement for Objective-C, this iOS coding language is claimed to be better than its predecessor. But is it really so? Most developers say that it is. Let’s look at this Swift vs Objective-C battle from the outside of it and try to define the advantages of the first one.

There are a lot of them actually but we decided to state only 7. You would probably ask why the number of pros outlined is like this. Why not 10 or 15? Everything is simple: just the arguments we consider the most convincing. With that in mind, let’s get down to the advantages of Swift over Objective-C.

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