How Much Does an App Like Pinterest Cost?

Do you like reading long texts? Or maybe visual content is easier for you to respond to and remember? If the second option is your choice, you are not alone. It means that you belong to the 40% of people who are more likely to perceive information with their eyes.

Such percentage is explained by a physiological peculiarity of the human brain. It receives 90% of all incoming neural impulses in the visual form. This fact is a very important indicator for those trying to reach audiences and can determine what type of content to use for this purpose.

You have probably noticed how the Internet changed over the last years. Now, if you google something, your search results include not only articles but also videos and images. Even textual content tends to be accompanied by a lot of pictures, infographics, photos, etc.

Technological progress has enabled such a transformation of the information environment and gave birth to various web and mobile apps that focus on image sensitivity of their users. Not all of them got really popular which cannot be said about Pinterest. Let’s find out what makes it so special.

And the third prize goes to…

It went to Pinterest. In 2013 it was the third most popular app after Facebook and Twitter among US users. The situation is different now, as the two social giants together with Google+ and Instagram take the first four positions. Nevertheless, such a result is very worthy and promising.

Being released in 2009, the app brought no revenue to its creators first and started to be really profit-making only in 2014. Taking into account this fact its better days are still ahead. As always, people look up to the best examples in any life and business sphere. It is not difficult to imagine how many entrepreneurs have got a strong desire to repeat the success of this photo-sharing app. The only question is if it is reasonable to make a Pinterest clone. A proper answer will be “No”. There is no point to build an identical application. Yet, if you are interested in a similar product, try to think about a unique concept that could distinguish your app from the others of this kind and reward you for all efforts.

Just consider the following example. Pinterest is used greatly to look for inspiration and tips related to various topics. Its audience are mostly women (75%). The application is not so popular among men but who said they don’t want to be inspired? Maybe they just need more male space not overloaded with trendy manicure or home decor ideas. What if you develop an app like Pinterest but for masculine stuff only?

Of course, this is just to show you an approximate direction to move in. You probably have a lot of other interesting plans.

It’s all about the value you bring

Of course, it is vital for a startup or any established business to have profit from their work. No matter how unselfish their intentions may be, they will not exist long without investments and earnings. However, it does not mean that you have to focus on money only. If your product brings no value you are bound to be defeated.

Nowadays all these factors are interconnected. Your success is greatly defined by the way you deal with your customers. People are now smart and educated enough to understand what is good service and what is not. To win the market competition you have to be among the best providers and always show that your clients matter.

One of the key reasons for Pinterest public recognition is the value it brings to its users. They can be divided into two categories that include individuals and businesses. The first group uses the app for personal needs mostly,whereas the second one is promotion-oriented. Let’s look into it in more detail.

Advantages Pinterest gives to individual users:

  • Inspiration;
  • Discovering various hacks and fresh ideas;
  • Learning about brands and products;
  • Establishing contacts and interaction with other people;
  • Making collections according to individual interests in one place;
  • Creating personal portfolios;
  • Sharing interesting content with others.

Benefits that businesses get from the application:

  • Brand promotion;
  • Presentation of products and services;
  • More traffic to a company website due to dofollow links;
  • Communication with customers;
  • Engaging clients into various activities;
  • Monitoring how people react to products and services;
  • Competitor research and analysis;
  • Creating collections of company products and services;
  • Useful business connections;
  • Integration with other social networks;
  • Recruiting candidates;
  • Internal company collections of ideas.

As you see, the list of plus points is quite long. There is no doubt about why Pinterest attracts such a great number of users. If you want your photo sharing app to have real importance and value you need to provide all these advantages and even more.

How much does an app like Pinterest cost?

Mobile and web app development is not so easy as somebody may think. Sometimes non-tech people want to have a high-quality project with extended functionality and great performance within a couple of months or even weeks. Unreasonable deadlines are quite frequent and it is difficult to explain why they cannot be met. When it comes to features and timelines there should be no haste. The slower you go, the further you get.

The initial version of Pinterest was different from the present one. Its developers added more functions over the course of time which is a very good strategy. We recommend doing the same with your product. It is better to start with core features and a custom one that will differentiate you from your competitors and then move further with advanced updates.

The development of a photo sharing app like Pinterest could include the following set of features for the first release:

  • Sign up/Log in with an email address or Facebook account. Restore password;
  • Choice of categories a user is interested in;
  • Feed with recommended pictures;
  • Search by keywords;
  • Filter by categories;
  • User profile:
    - create/edit/delete a collection
    - profile and account settings
    - sort collections
    - list of collections
    - list of shared images
    - list of likes
    - profile followers
    - user follows
  • Updates;
  • Create/edit/delete an image;
  • Image details;
  • Log out;
  • Admin panel (web);
  • Push notifications (mobile).

Based on this list, let’s calculate how much it would cost to develop a Pinterest-like application.

The above estimate is very rough, of course. It is impossible to name accurate figures as long as a development team doesn’t analyze a project in detail and defines all mechanics precisely. We can only assume that iOS and Android would take relatively equal periods of time and the main load of tasks would centre in the back- and front-end parts.

Certainly, the app will need nice and user-friendly design too. It will require less time than the development but a lot depends exactly on it. The more complex it is, the longer it will take to be implemented.

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