The Beginning of Modern Love Theory

Modern Love Theory by Kenneth Kay

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As an introduction, this medium is for Modern Love Theory (MLT) which was created to share meaningful love codes for today’s modern relationships. Times have changed. With technology revolutionizing our world today, relationships in our current information age are facing a different set of issues. Technology and Social media may have changed the way we communicate and they do poses certain distractions to one’s relationship building.

Strong, loving, fulfilling relationships are one of life’s greatest purpose. With older age’s relationship guiding principles that stood the test of time, MLT strive to redefine them into our current’s age love theory.

If you are reading this, we know you may at times having to handle tricky situation in your relationship while keeping them fulfilling and rewarding. The good news is, we like to address, motivate and open up different perspective to love challenges in our content which helps to strengthen your relationship. Hence, make sure you follow us so you would not miss out any of our content. Also, with your help, feel free to share our content with people you think might benefit. Together, let’s improve relationships.

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Kenneth Kay