“It’s time to ban foreign films from our award shows”: Donald Trump

At a rally in Reno this week Donald Trump called for a banning on all foreign films from American award shows.

“I love the Oscars and the Golden Globes, but isn’t it time to celebrate America?” Trump asked the 15,000 strong crowd, “why aren’t we awarding the hard-working actors and producers of America?”.

Mr. Trump’s earlier comments on foreign policy have been controversial, with the Republican Presidential front-runner recently proposing a dividing wall along the Mexico and United States border.

“In this country, we have the world’s very best entertainment talent. But, if you’re a director from Spain or an actress from England, shouldn’t you want to win a BAFTA or a TAPAS, or whatever the Spanish one is called, that just makes plain sense to me.”

Mr. Trump couldn’t be reached for further comment, however we spoke to several Trump supporters at the rally who agreed with the billionaire.

“These fancy sounding people from other countries are making their movies and coming here to take our awards. We don’t go over there and try to take their awards, do we?” Trump supporter Esther Rodriguez said.

Also at the Reno rally was former Olympian Michael Andrews, who added, “every year I watch these shows and I’m proud to see our attractive, rich, American celebrities. I don’t really care who wins, but I’m always team U.S.A.”.

Mr. Trump’s campaign continues in Myrtle Beach on Sunday.

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