Last Supper Restaurant Review — by Apostle James

I heard about this place from friends and was eager to try it out, past reviews sounded promising. To be fair, our dinner plans were last minute and we were fortunate to get the private room, I think one of our group knows the owner.

We had walked there (we walk everywhere) so the 13 of us arrived famished. There’s lots to like about this place and it doesn't get enough credit for it’s wine selection. We started with a local wine from Southern Galilee and looking through the rest of the list, there’s a nice mix of more local and some Roman wines.

There was a bit of confusion amongst the group as most of us were under the impression we were having a three course meal. This was not the restaurants fault, but more our own lack of preparation. We decided on ordering small sharing plates, they weren't too different from what other places are serving. The highlight though was the bread, which was fresh and made in-house; it came with a selection of olives, fresh fish and organic nibbles.

Our group have spent a fair bit of time together and it was starting to show, perhaps the wine was to blame, but our night turned due to a disagreement amongst the group. I wasn't paying too much attention to the drama, it’s best not to get caught up in those things. Credit goes to the wait staff, who were professional and courteous throughout.

After 3 hours we left satisfied and absolutely stuffed (or I did), the bill was about two gold coins each, which I personally think is decent value for what we had. Some other members of the group thought it was a bit steep (they’re used to free meals) we also had to cover one person’s share as he left early. FYI — for bookings of 8 or more they do offer a discount.

I'm keen to go back and try some other dishes on the menu. My only negative comment is the lack of lighting and the awkward seating plan. We were seated at one long table, and all sitting on one side, so it made interaction a little difficult. To be fair, one group member does most of the talking anyway.

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