The Gospel of Star Trek

A lot of my Facebook friends post Bible verses that are meaningful to them. Bible verses aren’t really that meaningful to me (though if they are to you, I am sincerely happy you have that) but one thing is: Star Trek.

During a recent watch through of the series (all of them) I realized that many of the issues that the episodes tackled were relevant to issues that society struggles with today. I feel the issues were tackled in a very progressive way, especially for the time they were written. Granted, I’m a little young to speak to some social attitudes of the ’80s, early ’90s and definitely the ’60s. But if we’re having as much trouble with things like racism and feminism as a society now as we were then, I have a feeling that Star Trek was being pretty progressive.

And so, I had the idea for a series called the Gospel of Star Trek. Instead of a Bible verse I will give you the series, season and episode name of a story that speaks to a certain issue. These were the episodes that really made me think, or that posed interesting questions. The ones that stuck with me throughout the day, or inspired me to be a better person. I’ll post a brief synopsis along with why it was so meaningful or thought-provoking.

I hope you’re able to get as much out of Star Trek as I am. Stay tuned for the first post in the series, which will be coming on Sunday, September 25, 2016.

Live Long and Prosper.

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