You must not be the beast,

They talked about with such foul language

I saw eyes gleaming bright as the moon,

They said you could stop my heart in fright

With them

They said your fur would be matted and dead as

The lives you’ve claimed,

I touched prickly warmth from nose to ears

You are dirty, but your paws are clean

Your claws reeked of blood, they said.

Your whiskers twitch as innocently as the clouds

I saw your teeth, pearly white yet

Cold, glinting stars

Your rank breath stings my nose,

They said it’s because you were cursed

for your ancestor’s sins

When no one dares to cleanse those jowls

I do not see any beast in this cage,

What I see

Is accused by those who haven’t seen,

Seen the Charming and kind soul

that is blessing me today

A figure darted among the rocks. Big in size yet almost camouflaged against the dark stone and white snow. Where two rocks grew apart, the blur leaped. Its fleeting image disappeared once again in a snow drift beyond. Below the split lay a seemingly endless rift into depths of the earth.

That very day, the beast left this daunting crevice for a certain reason. Silence fell, save for a light whistle of wind. One could see after following the large tracks of the beast that it placed it’s paws in a particular fashion. The stride was long and deep, as…

Heidi Whall

Hello, Nice seeing you ‘round. My stories are my ‘Wares’ so pick and choose which you like, or move on. Thank you for your time, have a nice day.

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