Week 19-Character Project: The Continuing

After receiving a review of my initial concepts from the tutors (posing as our game art mangers), a few negative comments were made on the style of the characters (which is very normal, not every work is going to be loved). With the feedback taken on board it was back to the first stages. Deciding to go down the route of a character that has one sole purpose and based on my body type I concluded a simple fisherman’s apprentice would be perfect, not only for visual interest but also as a character that could easily fit in with the style guide and the stylized village scene.

Using the standard design process, the first stage of deigning my character I began with collecting various image resources put together into a mood board. Due to a wasted week working on some failed designs I felt this mood board was lacking in more variety of resource however with the time I had I was able to collect enough resources to move forward.

Using the same process used for the rejected designs of the warrior thief, the mood board resources allowed me to begin creating and designing the fisherman’s assistance using the same photo-bashing grey scale technique as the combat thief.

First Concepts for Characters and Spears.

With the initial first designs of the fisherman I felt the character fit the style guide due to the somewhat cartoon nature of the designs. I felt the layers on each character worked very well, things like the rope and net was able to showcase to the audience the purpose of the character using only visual techniques. However I felt the all of the characters had flat fell to them, visually interesting but within reason of the characters purpose.

2nd Concepts.

with the strongest concept chosen, the second stage of concepts began. I was able to begin designing different variations of the chosen design. I chose to go forward with the first concepts (pictured above) due to the simple yet visually interesting nature of the concept. I was also able to apply a gradient overlay during this process focusing the auditions’s attention of the top of the character going down.

I felt a lot of my other concepts where stronger however due to the time management of the project and time wasted on failed concepts (combat thief). Confidence was high with the first concept due to it was simple yet effective and I felt I was able to complete the character in the time provided.

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