Mm Finance — The road ahead

Planned changes for the rosy future

  1. Removal of MMG to be replaced with SVN token (often termed as the people’s key token in our ecosystem). The suggestion and debates surrounding this suggestion within the subreddit is a sensible one. Pros and cons of such a move have been carefully discussed, and our team concurs that such a move outweighs the possible cons. Moving forward, our team will build our GameFi product, the MM Arena to adopt the use of SVN token. A token that already has huge financial value, will now have a much needed burning utility. As we have mentioned before, the in-game token (now SVN token) will experience huge burns simply because that’s how the token was built to be in the first place, where it has to be burnt to level up and procure equipments for the gaming characters.
  2. METF will focus on acquiring liquidities paired to SVN. METF-SVN LPs will allow MMF tokens to be freed up to alleviate the current lack of MMF tokens. At the same time, this will promote more utilities for the SVN token. That said, when the AUM is also eventually being activated for METF buybacks and burns, it will result in way lower price impact for SVN, which is desirable. This switch will also allow for a better price action of the METF token which is currently a concern of METF holders.
  3. Our team will review the MShare situation, and if deemed necessary, a proposal for emissions calibration will be put in motion
  4. Our team is now working on new strategies for platform. These will provide strategies of varying risk levels to different users. With low-risk high yielding strategies, we anticipate demand for MUSD to pick up. This will generate huge fees and revenues to be pumped back into $MMF and $BURROW in the form of buybacks.
  5. Our team is working on a fractional algorithmic aspect for our MUSD token that requires $MUSD and $MMF as collateral. As we have seen in the case of Luna and other L1 tokens, this creates a flywheel effect for the price of the L1 token. Before that happens, we are also deepening MUSD liquidity pools to account for large MUSD trades in the near future.
  6. Lastly, keep them sensible suggestions streaming in. Our team loves reading thoughtful pieces that expound on the pros and cons. Who knows your suggestion will be the very next catalyst our ecosystem needs to be propelled to the next level!

A final note




MMFinance is largest defi ecosystem on Cronos Chain;

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MMFinance is largest defi ecosystem on Cronos Chain;

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